Amreekia Min Bab Al Sharayah

That was the name of my old blog. Translated, it means an American woman from the old, poor and rundown district of Bab Al Sharayah in Cairo. I was given this nickname because although I was born in the USA, my mentality is more ghetto Egyptian. I'm a curious mixture of east meets west, and dont care if you call me balady!

I'm going to slowly bring some of the old posts from Amreekia over here (see archives), basically to give new readers some background. I hope you'll enjoy the old and the new and join me on this fascinating expat journey!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Balcony view in Port Fouad

This is the view I woke up to every morning on my visit to Egypt last year. My dear friend lives in Port Fouad right near the beach. Port Fouad lies just across the Suez Canal on the tip of the Sinai peninsula. She is soon to be moving to a villa closer to the canal. It's more convenient, but I sure will miss this view!